Online Chess Classes

Coach AL teaching a kid chess strategies

Playing chess at Kids Learn Chess online is fun. Many kids have learned and developed their chess skills at an early age at Kids Learn Chess. Teaching kids the game of chess and building up their confidence is one of the greatest rewards and compliments we have received.

Our private online chess classes and group online chess classes add to every kids’ chess experience. Learning chess at any age helps to expand the mind and creates excitement in a fun way. We teach many kids who are in public and private schools.

Class Overview

Our classes range from beginner level to advance chess players of all ages (parents you can learn too) and we understand every student learns at a different pace. Coach AL makes it easier for kids to learn chess using the “D.B.S.T.†concept.

For beginners, we start with only three pieces and add pieces as we go along. This allows new players to grasp a better understand of each piece and how it can be used in the game.

During each class we will go over previous games to elaborate and help our students better understand their game play and build upon previous lessons. We also introduce new chess openings and defenses to the kids which helps them to develop and strengthen their chess skills.

Coach AL teaching a kids different chess openings

Private Online Chess Classes

A man and boy playing chess on the table

Private online chess classes offer individual instruction with one-on-one lessons. These classes are designed for any individual at any skill level and last one.

Chess For Two

“Chess For Two” online classes are designed for siblings who enjoy playing together with the game of chess. Some siblings have a desire to share their learning experiences, so we made this possible. Both should have a good understanding of the game and have roughly the same skill level. Chess For Two classes last for one hour.

A man and two children playing chess on the table.

Group Chess Classes Online

A group of children playing chess on the table.

Group chess classes online are designed for students to share their ideas and learn from others while having fun. Kids Learn Chess teaches all levels of chess and provides a “team concept†in our chess tournaments. At times there will be a short inspirational chess video in our chess classes. Small groups of 5 students and up to 20 students are now available. A chess session will run for 5 weeks minimum with one hour per class.

River City Science Academy Mandarin Campus

A poster with some chess pieces on it

Welcome to Kids Learn Chess at River City Science Academy Mandarin Campus. Starting Wednesdays from 3-4 pm, and on early release days from 1:30 – 2:30 pm. Only students from 2nd grade and above.

Kids will be learning chess openings, tactics, pattern recognition, and having fun solving chess puzzles are some of our activities. Bughouse Chess, also known as partner chess, is a favorite for all chess players to enhance kids’ skills in the game of chess.

Kids Learn Chess has been teaching chess in Florida for many years. We continue to invest in our kid’s future through the game of chess. It’s our privilege to teach young kids and help develop their thinking processes while having fun. Some have become Jacksonville City Champions, Florida State Champions, and Nationals Champions. Visit our Gallery to see some chess tournament results.

Learning chess is an exciting way to enrich your kid’s life. We invite you to join our chess club.

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What Others Have To Say

“My son truly enjoys the lessons and looks forward to them. Coach directs the lesson in such a way, that my son considers this as not a tedious learning experience, but rather a gaming one.â€


“Before we met Coach Eladio Alameda, Eyal barely knew how to move the chess pieces. In less than 2 years, he has won many competitions and tournaments collecting trophies and knows a lot more about the logic of the game of chess.”

-Gily Chen, Chess Mom to Eyal, 10-year-old FL State Chess and Blitz Champion.

“Coach Al not only teaches to the knowledge level of the chess student, but he also customizes his approach for each student, taking into account their level of chess also their own unique personality and their style of playing chess, rather than trying to fit every student into a cookie-cutter approach.”

-Pamela Heberer, Chess Mom to Jeremy, 10-year-old, 2017 USCF National Grade Level Scholastic Championship, 3rd Grade U600; 2018 USCF National Elementary Scholastic Championship, K-3 U700 2nd Place.