Kids Learn Chess offers private chess classes and group chess classes in Jacksonville, Florida. We have been teaching scholastic chess players for many years. We tutor beginners, intermediates and advanced players of all ages. Learning chess skills requires coaches and students to develop a strong bond of trust and encouragement. Kids Learn Chess teaches individuals chess using D.B.S.T., strategy and this helps propels kids to reach for higher goals. Learn chess tactics and chess strategies from my new scholastic chess workbook, at our chess store. Come see us on Facebook.

Kids Learn Chess - Meet Coach AL

MEET COACH AL the founder and lead chess coach at Kids Learn Chess. Coach AL manages to  encourage and develop young minds through the game of chess. While social skills, critical thinking and problem solving are important in a kids life, remember chess is fun. Fun and learning go together. Through the game of chess we are able to help in these areas.  We offer private chess classes and group chess classes. Chess improves a person’s life in these areas: Good Sportsmanship * Pattern Recognition * Strategic Thinking * Abstract Reasoning

Kids Learn Chess - CHESS GALLERYCHESS  GALLERY At Kids Learn Chess gallery, you will see pictures of some kids in scholastic chess tournaments in the Jacksonville area competing against their peers and winning trophies. Scholastic chess is moving.

Kids Learn Chess - TESTIMONIAL

TESTIMONIALS Here are some things people are saying about Coach AL and his abilities in communicating with kids,  making chess fun and exciting at Kids Learn Chess. 

Kids Learn Chess - CONTACT USCONTACT US  We would like to hear from you.  Please share your thought about chess. If you are interested in Chess Lessons, we encourage you to send us an email.   Playing chess in Jacksonville Florida with Kids Learn Chess is fun. Thank you, Coach AL.

Kids Learn Chess - CHESS PUZZLES

CHESS PUZZLES provides the opportunity for scholastic chess players to improve their skills. Pattern recognition is one of the tools which most of us come by naturally, however, learning to exercise this ability is what we teach at  Kid Learn Chess. 

Kids Learn Chess - CHESS LESSONS

CHESS LESSONS Kids Learn Chess continues to touch young minds, beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.   Many kids have questions about the game of chess and we do our best to address them.  Please see our gallery of individuals and groups in their chess lessons.

KIDS LEARN CHESS - FIND ATTACKING PIECESFIND ATTACKING PIECES In this section you will be ask to find all the pieces on the chess board that are under attack. Kids Learn Chess adds a different approach to teaching chess.

Individual Lessons:  CoachAL@kidslearnchess.com

Group Lessons: Info@kidslearnchess.com