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Kids Learn Chess in Jacksonville Florida offers online chess classes for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students including, private online chess classes and group online chess classes.
We help kids learn chess online and have been teaching scholastic chess players for many years. Teaching good chess skills to students requires that coaches and students develop a strong bond of trust and encouragement. Kids Learn Chess online in Jacksonville teaches individuals to play chess using D.B.S.T., strategy and this helps propel students to reach for higher goals.

Kids Learn Chess shows how kids learn chess online by demonstrating a before and after snapshot of their individual games. We teach kids chess tactics and chess strategies from my D.B.S.T. strategy. Come see us on Facebook.

First Lesson Free!

When you make your chess online block booking with us your first chess lesson is included free.


    Here’s what our happy student’s had to say about our services:

    “Coach Al has been teaching my son chess for more than 2 years now. My son truly enjoys the lessons and looks forward to them. Coach directs the lesson in such a way, that my son considers this as not a tedious learning experience, but rather a gaming one. Personally, I have never met a more patient teacher. Coach is very patient, even in a difficult situation and knows how to interact at the kids’ level by understanding what motivates them to learn. I highly recommend giving Coach Al a chance to teach chess to your child. It is worth seeing the smile on my son’s face at the beginning and end of each chess lesson.â€


    It has been in my experience when recruiting a chess instructor they either had the knowledge to teach but not the temperament to work with children. Mr. Eladio worked for the City of North Miami as a chess instructor. He was patient, knowledgeable and was very interactive with the students… Mr. Eladio is truly a rarity in his field.

    Khalid Salahuddin, Recreation Supervisor – Athletics and Community Centers

    Coach Al not only teaches to the knowledge level of the chess student, but he also customizes his approach for each student, taking into account their level of chess also their own unique personality and their style of playing chess, rather than trying to fit every student into a cookie-cutter approach. Add to that his cheerful encouragement and his endless patience, and you have a real King of a chess coach with Coach Al!

    Pamela Heberer, Chess Mom to Jeremy, 10-year-old, 2017 USCF National Grade Level Scholastic Championship, 3rd Grade U600; 2018 USCF National Elementary Scholastic Championship, K-3 U700 2nd Place.

    Coach AL, Thank you so much for all you do! I love how you have really worked to develop these kids and also getting them excited to learn about chess. These are great kids you are coaching. We love having you here at O2B Kids with us! Keep being a great teacher! You are exactly what we needed for these kids!

    Ashley Stuhlman, Director of O2B Kids, Fleming Island

    “Coach Al’s love of chess is contagious! His teaching expertise, natural connection with children, and passion for the game are bringing joy to young lives on a daily basis.â€

    R.E.B. Phillips, Executive Director, The Knight School, LLC, Jacksonville. FL

    We couldn’t ask for a better Chess Mentor. Before we met Coach Eladio Alameda, Eyal barely knew how to move the chess pieces. In less than 2 years, he has won many competitions and tournaments collecting trophies and knows a lot more about the logic of the game of chess. He looks forward to meeting with coach AL every week. Coach AL is patient and has a wonderful approach with every child of every age. His great personality, and his ability to give kids emotional support, encouragement and building confidence in a positive approach. My son’s achievements are a lot thanks to Coach AL Thank you!

    Gily Chen, Chess Mom to Eyal, 10-year-old FL State Chess and Blitz Champion.

    Coach Al and chess go together like peanut butter and jelly. He does a fantastic job teaching students of all ages. In our school, he coaches students ages 3 to 13. With his guidance, they develop not only the skills for the game but also the passion. What a priceless gift to learn so young!

    Dani Diem, EDP Director & Summer Programs at St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School.