In this section, you will be asked to find all the pieces on the chessboard that are under attack. The total number of white pieces and the total number of black pieces. Then combine both totals so you now have all the pieces that under attack for the puzzle. If King is attacking a piece that is protected count it as an attacking piece or if the piece is attacking the King you need to count it as a valid attack. The purpose of this exercise to help you increase your vision and become aware of dangers against your pieces.

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White can capture Qxg7;Qxb7;Qxc6;Rxf6;Rxc6;Rxc3 = 6 pieces
Now Black can capture Nxd7;Nxe4;Qxd3;Qxa3;Qc2 = 5 pieces.
The total for this puzzle would be? 11 pieces
FAP #1

FAP #2

FAP #3