Kids Learn Chess in Jacksonville, Florida is beginning to explode. A lot of scholastic chess players begin learning the game of chess with Kids Learn Chess in Jacksonville.  We have noticed some parents find it difficult explaining chess to beginners, that is why it’s important to find a good chess coach for your child.  When looking for a chess coach they should be experienced, knowledgeable and have a very good understanding of kids the game. A chess coach should have the ability to identify the playing level of your child and how to help improve their game.  See what people have said about Coach AL at our testimonial page. Coach AL has been teaching beginners, intermediate and advanced chess players using the D.B.ST. method. Using this method, a large number of chess players have learned to play chess in 15 minutes. We offer private chess classes and group chess classes.

Throughout the years, Coach AL has made an impact on young lives through the game of chess in the South Florida area. Now, he has brought his skills to Jacksonville where he continues to bring his unique way of sharing chess with kids. Kids Learn Chess is one of the ways he has managed to reach out to the local community. For more information CONTACT US.

Kids Learn Chess - MEET COACH AL

Certified Chess Instructor and Coach

Professional Highlights

  • Coach AL has been teaching and coaching scholastic chess for over 15 years
  • His experience in making chess fun and challenging has helped many young people
  • Coach AL makes it easier for kids to learn chess using “D.B.S.T.” concept

Don’t react, calculate

Be patient and deliberate

See your next move before you take action

Try to recall if you have encountered this situation previously

  • Offers private chess classes and group chess classes
  • Founder of “Kids Learn Chess”
  • Excellent communication skills with students, parents, and program administrators

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To read some Testimonials

Many who have used my D.B.S.T. method begin to prevent what is known as “Hanging Pieces” in their games. They learn how to structure their games in the opening better and they begin to understand their target. When kids see opportunities they take advantage and this improves their game. Get more chess tactics and chess strategies in my new scholastic chess workbook at our chess store. Come see us at our Facebook page.